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Typical Parts

Machined Enclosures

Machined Enclosures

Prototype machined enclosures manufactured with lightening speed! China Manufacturing Corp. machines enclosures to fit your 3D CAD data and …

Machined Shafts

Machined Shafts

Prototype machined shafts are typically machined from billets or extruded profiles.

Machined Covers

Machined Covers

Our prototype boxes and covers can be used for a wide variety of applications and machined in a variety of plastics or metals.

Machined Heat Sinks

Machined Heat Sinks

Electronic PC boards, DC-DC converts, Ball Grid Arrays, RF/EMI shielding, thermal management and much more!

Machined Linkages

Machined Linkages

Custom linkages, throttle linkages, cam linkages, linkage assemblies, and more in a variety of materials and options.

Machined Motor Mounts

Machined Motor Mounts

Machined motor mounts – from simple to the complex – offered in two popular materials: aluminum and carbon steel.

Hi, just to confirm I’ve received the parts. Excellent work, I still can’t believe it’s quicker to get parts from the other side of the world!

- Simon L. | Development Engineer| UK

Holy moly that was quick!!!! and ahead of schedule. wow…great job!

- Adam A. | Engineer| VT

Parts arrived and I’m very satisfied with turnaround time as well as quality.

- Achim T. | Engineer| SC

Great News! You beat your estimated lead again.

- Chad F. | Engineer| MA

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Quotes in hours. Parts in days.

  • Quotes returned in as fast as 4 hours, depending on service

  • Standard shipment of 10 work days or less with expedites available

  • 99% on-time delivery

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Interior Fillet Tips

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